# CMake
sudo apt-get install cmake

# google-glog + gflags
sudo apt-get install libgoogle-glog-dev

sudo apt-get install libatlas-base-dev

# Eigen3
sudo apt-get install libeigen3-dev

# SuiteSparse and CXSparse (optional)
# - If you want to build Ceres as a *static* library (the default)
# you can use the SuiteSparse package in the main Ubuntu package
# repository:
sudo apt-get install libsuitesparse-dev

# - However, if you want to build Ceres as a *shared* library, you must
# add the following PPA:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bzindovic/suitesparse-bugfix-1319687
sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install libsuitesparse-dev
git clone https://ceres-solver.googlesource.com/ceres-solver
cd ceres-solver
mkdir ceres-bin
cd ceres-bin
cmake ..
make -j3
make test
# Optionally install Ceres, it can also be exported using CMake which
# allows Ceres to be used without requiring installation, see the documentation
# for the EXPORT_BUILD_DIR option for more information.
sudo make install


bin/simple_bundle_adjuster ../data/problem-16-22106-pre.txt
iter      cost      cost_change  |gradient|   |step|    tr_ratio  tr_radius  ls_iter  iter_time  total_time
0 4.185660e+06 0.00e+00 1.09e+08 0.00e+00 0.00e+00 1.00e+04 0 8.67e-02 2.07e-01
1 1.062590e+05 4.08e+06 8.99e+06 5.36e+02 9.82e-01 3.00e+04 1 1.85e-01 3.93e-01
2 4.992817e+04 5.63e+04 8.32e+06 3.19e+02 6.52e-01 3.09e+04 1 1.72e-01 5.65e-01
3 1.899774e+04 3.09e+04 1.60e+06 1.24e+02 9.77e-01 9.26e+04 1 1.77e-01 7.42e-01
4 1.808729e+04 9.10e+02 3.97e+05 6.39e+01 9.51e-01 2.78e+05 1 1.69e-01 9.11e-01
5 1.803399e+04 5.33e+01 1.48e+04 1.23e+01 9.99e-01 8.33e+05 1 1.74e-01 1.09e+00
6 1.803390e+04 9.02e-02 6.35e+01 8.00e-01 1.00e+00 2.50e+06 1 1.75e-01 1.26e+00

Solver Summary (v 1.13.0-eigen-(3.3.4)-lapack-suitesparse-(4.2.1)-cxsparse-(3.1.2)-openmp)

Original Reduced
Parameter blocks 22122 22122
Parameters 66462 66462
Residual blocks 83718 83718
Residual 167436 167436


Dense linear algebra library EIGEN
Trust region strategy LEVENBERG_MARQUARDT

Given Used
Threads 1 1
Linear solver threads 1 1
Linear solver ordering AUTOMATIC 22106,16
Schur structure 2,3,9 2,3,9

Initial 4.185660e+06
Final 1.803390e+04
Change 4.167626e+06

Minimizer iterations 7
Successful steps 7
Unsuccessful steps 0

Time (in seconds):
Preprocessor 0.1207

Residual evaluation 0.1168
Jacobian evaluation 0.5111
Linear solver 0.5164
Minimizer 1.2377

Postprocessor 0.0032
Total 1.3617

Termination: CONVERGENCE (Function tolerance reached. |cost_change|/cost: 1.769761e-09 <= 1.000000e-06)

  1. http://ceres-solver.org/installation.html